Just Got Yourself a Puppy, Here’s a List of Some Quick Things You Should Buy


Did you just get lucky and were allowed to have and care for a small puppy dog by your parents? Or did you just bring home an adorable puppy as a gift for your children and family? In either case, you have welcomed in your home an amazing and joyful experience in the form of man’s best friend!

However, you must now also be prepared to take good care of your dog friend and treat like a member of the family. And as a family member, you must be willing to provide for your dog friend and take full responsibility of his comfort and good health. It is going to be an investment that you will cherish you made.

Here is a list of some quick things you should buy on or after getting a new puppy or dog in your house. For your convenience, we have included hyperlinks to sites on the Internet from where you can buy these products.


1. Pedigree Puppy Chicken and Milk:

A healthy dog is a happy dog. A healthy dog also keeps all the other family members happy and healthy. It is very important to keep the dog in good health and the starting has to be made from the puppy stage itself. Just because a dog is in a puppy stage does not mean that we can ignore its diet. Healthy and nutritionally balanced food given at an early stage in the dog’s growth has a long term impact on the health of the dog. We recommend Pedigree Puppy Chicken and Milk which is nutritionally complete and has no artificial colours and flavours.


2. Artificial Chewing Bone:

A dog would very often want to chew on to something. It is best to give it a habit of chewing on to his own possessions. It therefore helps a great deal to get a pup or a dog an artificial chewing bone. We recommend Choostix Pressed Dog Bone (Mini) for your puppy. Dogs need to toughen their teeth and gums, and biting on chew bones is a great exercise to do this. Choostix bones are high on protein and low on fat. Chewing on it also helps keep plaque away and reduces the acidity in the dog’s mouth that can cause gingivitis.


3. Dog Flea and Tick Prevention Shampoo:

Ticks and Dog Flea are very dangerous skin parasites, especially for young dogs and puppies. This is because a flea can suck blood up to 15 times its body weight. It is important to keep your dog free from flea and other pests. We recommend giving your puppy or dog regular baths with Choostix Dog Shampoo Tick and Flee. The Choostix Shampoo is made up of neem and green apple extracts and it also helps to care for the skin and keep the coat smooth, soft and fluffy. For your comfort, you can also buy a Choostix Dog Bath Glove.


4. Dog Feeding Bowl:

It is very important to train a dog from a young stage about its eating and playing habits. Is is therefore advisable to get a dog feeding bowl for a dog from early on. This helps the dog relate and adapt to it. We recommend Choostix Dog Feeding Steel Bowl.


5. Urine Odour & Stain Remover:

This is not so much for the puppy as it is for you and your family members. Inevitably, there will be some family members who will not like the smell of urine and stains around the house, which is generated by a small puppy, as it is true for a small baby. To cope with these in the first few days of having a dog, we recommend Urine Free – Odour & Stain Remover which eliminates urine smells and stains permanently and is 100% safe for the environment.


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